Glass fences

Glass fences is the collective name for all fences with a filling of glass or glass derivatives (such as plastics, Trespa, acrylic or steni). The fencing consists of an aluminum upper and lower profile, between which the panels are mounted. In fencing, the profiles are (partially blind) built on the balusters.

We have some 130 profiles of our own : for a variety of glass thicknesses and in various sizes and shapes. The choice of filling is numerous. From clear glass to glass with a silkscreen, anything is possible provided it complies with the limits of the structural requirements. The use of a separate handrail is also possible. This runs over the balusters. But there are also glass pearl fences without aluminum profiles. These are the fences with a ball joint construction and glass fences in a steel frame (for the purpose of fire prevention). Most glass fences with balusters are fastened to the building. The balusters can be made of steel, often a strip for a sleek outlook, or aluminum (our “systeembaluster”, size: 76 × 46 mm), which has many adjustment possibilities and which are therefore widely used in renovations.

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