About us

We are J & B balcony fences and have had experience infences for more than 20 years. Twenty years ago we started as an assembly company in construction work and balcony fences. As a result of this long experience we can call ourselves true specialists. And with our expertise, product quality and the professional installation methods, we are just as proficient as the leader of this specialty.

For every customer we lookfor the best price / demand ratio in the whole spectrum. We take care of the disassembly of existing fences, while taking the highest safety precautions. We offer customized work and the best installation methods. We can also advise you on the best surface treatment, serviceability and balcony cleaning. In short, delivering fences is more than just producing them.

Our firm J & B balcony fences operates nationwide, we have done projects in Amsterdam, Enschede, Zoetermeer, Deventer, Blaricum, Soest, etc. As we have few staffmembers, the lines of communication are kept short and in this way wewill ensure the promised quality. Your contact person will always be at your service during the entire process  and be regularly present at the construction site.

Balcony fences, gallery fences, roof terraces, French balconies, glass fences, bars fences, slat fences, façade screens, privacy screens, railings, board fences and balustrades: these are our specialties. We supply our products in aluminum and steel, with numerous profiles anda wide range of variation. The short lines with the supplier in Amsterdam enable us to deliver our products quickly.

Our company is established in Almelo, where we also have the showroom.

You are very welcome on appointment.

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